Frequently Asked Private Investigation Question

What are your payment options?

Moda Private Investigations offer a variety of payment options for our Denton, Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas area clients. We work with our clients to find payment terms that fit their budgets. We accept all major credit cards, cash payments and financing is available in some cases. 

Can I pick my own investigation team for my next case?

Unfortunately due to case loads we cannot promise this. You may however request a specific investigation team and we will do our best to comply with the request. Please keep in mind all Moda Private Investigators are licensed and trained in the State of Texas to handle any and all Investigation request.

How long will a private investigation for a cheating spouse take?

The length of an investigation depends on several items revolving around the case. In many situations these cases can be completed in a few days up to a few months with diligent pre-case preparation and the evaluation of the case. Bottom line each case is unique and may take more or less time than others.

How do I started an Investigation?

Starting a private investigation case with our firm is pretty simple. You can book a consultation online or contact our office and speak with one of our investigative team members. Your Private Detective will review your case toughly with you and discuss all aspects of the case and the cost associated. 

What types of evidence are procured ?

Each case truly dictates what evidence our Private Investigators collect. In many cases this will include video evidence, photo evidence, technological evidence, witness interviews, background investigations, GPS tracking, and much more depending on the discussed desired outcome of the case.

How much training does a Private Investigator have to have in the State of Texas?

Every individually licensed Texas Private Investigator Manager must have a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, a Bachelors degree in another field with six months of investigative experience, Associates degree with one year investigative exp. or 200 hours of specialized P.I. training. 

Do all investigative cases produce desired results?

The majority of our cases result in a desired investigation outcome for our clients. There are some cases that can prove difficult to retrieve the desired evidence, but this is rare and generally depends on the circumstances of the cases. Results vary from case to case.

Will I have to sign a contract and pay a retainer?

All cases reviewed and taken on by Moda Private Investigations require a mutually agreed upon contract signed prior to the cases engagement. Retainers are typical, but in some cases we will evaluate the clients situation and try to work with them.

What resources do you typically utilize in an investigative case?

Moda Private Investigations uses the industries top surveillance equipment, advanced technological resources, proven interrogation mythologies and many more unique tools specific to the investigation industry to investigate cases.